In the early 1980’s, the AIDS epidemic hit the city of San Francisco. People didn’t know what it was.
It didn’t have a name and no one knew how it spread. It created widespread fear and panic.
The government didn’t know what to do and how to act, and neither did most doctors and nurses.
People were too scared to put themselves in harm's way of this lethal disease. They called it the
new plague.

In the midst of all this hysteria and chaos, a small group of doctors and nurses got together and
decided to stand up to this unknown disease, and take care of those suffering. They believed
that irrespective of the disease, these patients needed to be cared for, and it was a doctor’s job
to take care of the sick, even if it put them at great personal risk. Period.

With this belief and commitment they founded Ward 5B, the world’s first inpatient AIDS clinic,
at the San Francisco General Hospital. Through their patient focussed practises they made it a place where
people came to ‘live’ and not to die. Ward 5B pioneered what came to be known as patient-centred care.
It set the standard for HIV/AIDS care in the US and beyond.

Inspired by this story, the spirit of patient-centric care and a commitment to the larger purpose of
imparting good health to all, we decided to call our design and innovation centre at Dr Reddy’s - Studio 5B.