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The Story
Behind ‘5B’

San Francisco: The early 1980’s brought with it the AIDS epidemic. Chaos ensued amongst people due to lack of understanding of the disease, its causes and the nature of the contagion. The government did not have the answer either.

The risk of exposing oneself to the lethal disease was too high; dissuading all members of society, including most doctors and nurses from caring for patients. They called it the new plague.

In the midst of this hysteria, a beacon of hope and courage came from a small group of doctors and nurses - who refused to watch people suffer helplessly. They held their responsibility towards people and their craft above all.

With this conviction, they founded Ward 5B, the world’s first in-patient AIDS clinic, at the San Francisco General Hospital - A place where make people came for a new beginning. Ward 5B pioneered what came to be known as patientcentred care. It set the standard for HIV/AIDS care in the world.

Imbibing the essence of this story, the spirit of patientcentric care and a commitment to the larger purpose of delivering good health to all, we decided to name our Innovation and Design centre at Dr. Reddy’s ‘Studio 5B’.

Dr. Reddy’s :
Going beyond the pill

We, at Dr. Reddy’s believe that access to medicine is a right, not a privilege.

Our legacy spanning over 30 years, in more than 20 countries, with a dedicated team of 20,000 people, bonded together through time, geographies and differences, by one purpose - 'Good Health Can't Wait'.

'Good Health' is our goal. Medicines are not just molecules, but a means to help patients regain their health. We have the ethical and moral imperative to ensure good health can be delivered to those who need it, and to promote wellness among them.

'Can't Wait' reflects our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients, and to accelerate access to much-needed medicines for people around the world.