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The Story
Behind ‘5B’

San Francisco: The early 1980’s brought with it the AIDS epidemic. Chaos ensued amongst people due to lack of understanding of the disease, its causes and the nature of the contagion. The government did not have the answer either.

The risk of exposing oneself to the lethal disease was too high; dissuading all members of society, including most doctors and nurses from caring for patients. They called it the new plague.

In the midst of this hysteria, a beacon of hope and courage came from a small group of doctors and nurses - who refused to watch people suffer helplessly. They held their responsibility towards people and their craft above all.

With this conviction, they founded Ward 5B, the world’s first in-patient AIDS clinic, at the San Francisco General Hospital - A place where make people came for a new beginning. Ward 5B pioneered what came to be known as patientcentred care. It set the standard for HIV/AIDS care in the world.

Imbibing the essence of this story, the spirit of patientcentric care and a commitment to the larger purpose of delivering good health to all, we decided to name our Innovation and Design centre at Dr. Reddy’s ‘Studio 5B’.

Dr. Reddy’s :
Going beyond the pill

We, at Dr. Reddy’s believe that access to medicine is a right, not a privilege.

Our legacy spanning over 30 years, in more than 20 countries, with a dedicated team of 20,000 people, bonded together through time, geographies and differences, by one purpose - 'Good Health Can't Wait'.

'Good Health' is our goal. Medicines are not just molecules, but a means to help patients regain their health. We have the ethical and moral imperative to ensure good health can be delivered to those who need it, and to promote wellness among them.

'Can't Wait' reflects our commitment to act with speed to find innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of patients, and to accelerate access to much-needed medicines for people around the world.

  • Aakash Dewan

    Aakash Dewan

    Industrial Designer

    Changing perspectives, shapes behaviour

    Minimalist Patron of Handicrafts Material & Tech Enthusiast Serial Doodler Maker

    Aakash is an Industrial Designer from DSK ISD International School of Design, Pune. He has worked as a design consultant for various clients and collaborators in different fields of design like visual, product and technology design. He has also worked with companies like Legrand India - designing consumer electronics for home, Designit (Denmark) and PiKs Design (France). He is the winner of multiple design awards including IDEA Gold, Observeur du design Label & Star, Core77, I.D. Annual Design Review and Index: Design to Improve Life.

  • Anurag Sarda

    Anurag Sarda

    Senior Industrial Designer

    “Design is intelligence made visible” - Alina Wheele

    Minimalist Designer Tech Enthusiast Gamer Football Geek

    Anurag is an Industrial Designer. His focus is on designing not only functional, but experience-enhancing products. He has previously worked as a Product and UX Designer at Lucid (India), Samsung (South Korea) and Wilddesign (Germany). He is also the winner of 3 Red Dot design awards, including “Best of the Best”, the Spark International and the Time to Care Sustainable design award - by Victorinox.

  • Harsh Singhania

    Harsh Singhania

    Business Designer

    Finding the balance between Logic and Emotion

    Analytical Pragmatic Empathetic Inquisitive

    Harsh is an MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai (majors in Finance and minors in Analytics), with a B.E degree in Industrial and production engineering from Manipal University. His first stint in healthcare was working for a management consulting startup on strategy projects like performance improvement, go to market strategy, demand estimation and feasibility studies for leading healthcare chains across primary, secondary and tertiary care services. Harsh was introduced to design during his internship with Studio 5B post which he was inspired to take this up as a full time profession to apply his business skills in the design process.

  • Juhee Dubey

    Juhee Dubey

    Insights & Strategy Lead

    A lot depends on how you frame it.

    Insight Miner Writer of Finds Chevening Scholar Music Junkie Compulsive Doodler

    Juhee holds a M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice from Lancaster University, UK (honors) which she attended on the prestigious Chevening scholarship. She has over seven years’ experience in design research and innovation consulting, where she engaged with large multinationals, start-ups and NGO’s in addressing important business needs through design. She is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi from where she completed M.Des in industrial design. A formal education in design enabled her to see design as a tool to solve layered and complex problems facing us today. Being a part of a start-up inspired her to study entrepreneurship and innovation and to further her understanding of innovation as a mindset, not an activity.

  • Juhi Dang

    Juhi Dang

    Strategy Lead

    An eternal optimist on a lifelong quest to explore the '99% Invisible'

    Curious Hodophile Adrenaline Junkie Modern Yogi Conscientious

    Juhi has been engaged in user-centric design and business strategy for almost a decade. She holds a degree in architecture, and is a management graduate from the Indian School of Business. She is extremely passionate about understanding and harnessing consumer behaviour and the impact of technology in product and service innovation. She loves to experience local culture and life during her travels and believes in learning from the experiences and stories of people. She is a graphic novel addict and also dabbles in theatre and cubist art.

  • Manas Karambelkar

    Manas Karambelkar

    Senior Interaction Designer

    100% Sarcasm {comma} 0% Bullshit

    Film connoisseur Epicure Linguaphile Labelophobic

    Manas is an Interaction Designer, motivated by the desire to make things more accessible, meaningful and delightful in order to augment human interactions. An alumnus of the Masters Program from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, he also has a background in Industrial Design. He thrives on tackling complex, systemic problems with sustainable, cost effective solutions.

  • Nilay Bhandari

    Nilay Bhandari

    Senior Insights & Strategy Researcher

    (oxy)Moron in pursuit of a centred self

    Artisan Tree Hugger Theatre Enthusiast Violin and Cello Lover Authentic

    Nilay is a Product Designer from MIT Institute of Design and has a B.A major in Defence and Strategic Studies from Pune University. In his capacity, previously as an Innovation Consultant and later as a Design Research Consultant, he has worked with organisations in the Microfinance, F & B and Real Estate industries. As a designer, he identifies honest problem solving as his primary purpose. Nilay believes that deep and empathetic research is the fulcrum on which any user centred innovation process rests. On the sidelines, he strives to explore his childhood fascination with story-smithing and its various aspects.

  • Parameswaran Venkataraman

    Parameswaran Venkataraman

    Studio 5B & Garage 5B Lead

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mahout

    Ethnographer Innovation Strategist Design Thinker Street Photographer Transformation Junkie

    Param leads Studio 5B and Garage 5B at Dr. Reddy’s. His role at Studio 5B includes providing strategic vision & direction to the innovation efforts at Dr. Reddy's, and to help embed Design Thinking ideologies & methods in the culture of the organisation. He also leads Garage 5B, a startup accelerator and platform for entrepreneurs to create patient-centric healthcare businesses. Prior to Dr. Reddy's, Param was a Design Director at IDEO. Over the last 20 years, Param’s work has included roles in interaction design, ethnographic research and innovation management at companies like IDEO, Kantar IMRB, GE Healthcare and Sapient Corporation. Param is passionate about street photography, alternate healing and ‘the art of stillness’.

  • Pooja Vasu

    Pooja Vasu

    Design Researcher

    Every story needs to be told

    Storyteller Seeker Illustrator Cinephile Gypsy

    Pooja holds a MDes. in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and has a background in BFA - Applied Arts with Majors in Illustrations. Before joining Studio 5B as a Design Researcher, she has worked in the field of advertising and healthcare as a communication designer. She believes that real world wicked problems can be effectively solved using design as a tool. As a Design researcher, she is dedicated to understanding why users act the way they do and to making sure that each user voice is heard. When she is not busy asking people questions, she can be found doodling her own stories or obsessing over the latest movie.

  • Purva Tidke

    Purva Tidke

    Business Designer

    Discovering myself while striving for a breakthrough in the world

    Sedulous Loud Thinker Contemporary Dance Gastronomer

    Purva started her journey as a clinician. After pursuing further education in public health she joined operations for an ambulatory service, moved to a business strategy role for a healthcare start-up and did corporate marketing for a multinational hospital. During these years she has dealt with uncertainty, learnt from new challenges and gained a multi-dimensional view of the healthcare sector. She was exposed to Design Thinking during her management course at Indian School of Business. She is a creative person at heart and loves travelling and choreography in free time.

  • Riddhima Gupta

    Riddhima Gupta

    Senior Experience Designer

    On the balance beam of meaning and happy(ness

    Explorer Adrenaline Junkie Shark Tracker Fitness Enthusiast Solutionist

    Riddhima’s forte is designing work spaces that enhance synergy, in highly diverse and dynamic teams. She previously led the office experience design and operations for IDEO Mumbai. Her background in Hospitality and Hotel Management lead her to work with the Taj Hotel group, and leading hotel chains in Switzerland and London too.

  • Shruti Nivas

    Shruti Nivas

    Design Researcher

    I think with my hands.

    Animal volunteer Kitchen scientist Eco fiend Sketcher Sponge

    Shruti received her Master's degree in Industrial design from the International School of Design in Pune. She has worked on projects in the fields of social impact, furniture design, and consumer electronics. Her past experiences led her to Sweden to intern at Electrolux and Pedro Gomes Design Studio in Portugal. Her interests lie in unearthing problem statements and behavioural insights that can lead to the creation of holistic user experiences. By joining Dr. Reddy's she hopes to fulfil her inclination towards creating positive change and impact from within the ecosystem of healthcare.

  • Srikanth Akula

    Srikanth Akula

    Operations Manager

    Doing the right things, the right way

    Resolver Committed Competitor Sensitive Reliable

    Srikanth is a graduate of commerce and a competent professional with over 9 years of experience in financial operations, Accounting & Administration. Having worked at Dr Reddy’s for more than 2 years in different functions like Travel & Hospitality and Administration, he has recently moved to Studio 5B. Prior to this, he has also worked as process developer in Genpact and Cognizant for different profiles.


  • Arunima Singh

    Arunima Singh

    Service Designer

    Striving to impact

    Photographer Researcher Tech Enthusiast Animal Lover Traveller

    Arunima is wedded to the idea that the most complex of problems can be solved with meaningful design. Before completing her Masters Program in Interaction Design from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, she was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Lucida, a visual design collective enterprise. Further, Arunima is also trained in Development Studies (Centre for Development Studies) and Photography Design (National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad).

  • Mallika Reddy

    Mallika Reddy

    Design Researcher

    A creative mischief maker: thirsty, optimistic and wildly curious

    Artist Eager Beaver Movie- Buff Millennial Architect

    Mallika is a trained architect from the University of Southern California with minors in Entrepreneurship and Cinematic arts. Prior to joining Dr. Reddy's Mallika worked at the creative consultancy, Wolff Olins across two of their global hubs - Dubai and London. She started as an intern and progressed to being an insights strategist. She has worked on several healthcare projects and has also been a featured writer for Healthcare in America. She has also explored UX design at the General Assembly and strategy at the McKinsey Academy.

    In her free time she enjoys painting, cinema and napping.

  • Shivani Gupta

    Shivani Gupta

    Design Researcher

    Thriving in contradiction

    Humanist Qualified - Quantifier Conversationalist Performance Artist Banjara

    Shivani has an M.Sc. in the Psychology of Individual Differences. Prior to joining Dr. Reddy’s, she worked as a published Research Assistant at the University of Edinburgh. Passionate about working with people, she is dedicated to understanding motivators of human behaviour. Equipped with the study of Behavioural Economics, she strives to apply her skills to finding simple solutions to complex problems. She is also a trained dancer, page-poet and spoken-word artist.

  • Shreya Chakravarty

    Shreya Chakravarty

    Communication Designer

    The Heart and a Crayon

    Research Sniffer Story Chaser Lil Miss Care Listomaniac Experience Go-Getter

    With a post graduate degree in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Shreya previously dipped her toes in the field of advertising. Also having worked with a market research firm in Indonesia, she helped establish a Data Visualization department (to convert market research projects into visual communication tools). Driven by experiences, Shreya remains passionate about design that serves as a catalyst for social and civic change.

  • Tarun Rawat

    Tarun Rawat

    Design Director

    “Good design is like magic, it brings alive the real in completely unexpected and unbelievably delightful ways!”

    Artist Braun Designophile Ducati Lover Fender Bender Exec EdStanford

    Tarun, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and the Interaction Design Institiute Ivrea, in Italy, is a discerning Communication and Interaction Designer. With a career spanning over 14 years, his work has given him the opportunity to explore and develop deep expertise in a multidisciplinary sphere, of design and brand, globally. Prior to joining Dr Reddy’s, Tarun worked at IDEO as a Senior Communication Designer and Project Lead.

  • Vidhi Mehta

    Vidhi Mehta

    Product Designer

    A curious thinker with an appetite for new experiences

    Technologist Designer Amateur Scientist Tinkerer Illustrator

    Vidhi is a Product and Service Designer with an infinite appetite for new experiences. Fascinated by how people interact and use emerging technologies, she derives inspiration by observing and engaging with them. She holds a dual masters in Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College and Royal College of Art, London. Prior to this, she studied Product Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She has previously worked for Microsoft, Quicksand Studio, Agency of Design & Ducere Technologies. In her free time, she is found tinkering with synthetic biology, pampering dogs and travelling.